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Brewing a new brand.

Brewing a new brand.

nitially provided only with a name, the international group of spirit producers reached out to us to conduct market research, identify key sales segments and market opportunities, develop a profile for the brand, design the entire brand identity including: bottle design, labels, bottle packaging and case design.

Part of the process of developing a brand is our first phase, Brand Storming and Research. During this phase we discovered very interesting facts about rum and the category in general as well as specifics to markets.

Brand Positioning

Rum is a distilled alcohol made from sugarcane—produced primarily in the Caribbean and Latin America—appearing in three styles: flavored, white, dark/gold. Usually the light colored rums are mixed to make cocktails, and the darker the rum, the higher-end it is. Rum typically appears in five price segments and classifications: value, standard, premium, super-premium, and ultra-premium. The premium, super-premium, and ultra-premium classifications are underdeveloped, and found there is space in the high quality rum market. Few rum companies have developed their product for international markets, and it is predicted that rum is “the next big thing”.

Our research also found that image and packaging are crucial to the premiumization of rum, in order to communicate the quality of that rum to consumers. The Gran Latino consumer has been exposed to an abundance of design, and belongs to a new generation of rum drinkers that is design conscious. He/she is making purchasing decisions based on packaging designs, regardless if it is with this intention.

With this in mind, we set out strategized the brand positioning and design all branding elements around this opportunity. We designed the entire brand using dark tones, gold foil, elaborate artwork & typography and decorative design elements to emphasize the age and quality of the rum.