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Brittany Dixon Fitness


Brittany Dixon is a Certified Personal Trainer, former National NPC Bikini Athlete, commercial actress, fitness model and fitness influencer with 15+ years of personal expertise in exercise and health. As a seasoned television producer, she was inspired to venture out and start her own production company, Brittany Dixon Media, creating unscripted video content around wellness, entertainment and travel.

As part of this new venture, she hired us to help her develop her brand image. This included helping her discover her mission and vision for her brand as well as developing her brand identity. We designed a logo and color scheme reflecting her spontaneity and courage. In addition, we aided her in crafting her voice and messaging for her business. She’s now successfully growing her brand and ready to dominate the fitness world!

Project Details

  • CLIENT: Brittany Dixon Fitness
  • TASK: Brand Development and Design
  • WEBSITE: https://www.brittanyd.com