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The Armills - Men's Luxury Jewellery Bracelets


Christophe & Co is similar to many of the brands we work with. They are ambitious, innovative, daring and willing to interrupt the industry with a groundbreaking product. In order to accomplish this, they tasked us with the responsibility of creating their luxury brand DNA and specifically brand their flagship product, The Armill. Working with niche markets is our strength and this was evident in our plan to develop a specific communication strategy using the creation of a highly visual and secure website and product catalog that would speak to a high-end targeted community. Due to the privileged nature of the product, you'll have to reach out to them directly for additional questions.

Project Details

  • CLIENT: Christophe & Co. The Armills
  • TASK: Brand Development & Digital Marketing
  • WEBSITE: www.christophe.co.uk