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Pumped® was officially founded in 2005 with the idea that any company with a solid branding & marketing strategy could build a successful company. Simply stated, we “build and grow brands.” We’ve done this for over 18 years and with over 100+ brands across 45 industries. Today, we’re a team of multi-talented individuals from distinct backgrounds. As a testament to our team’s commitment to execution and process, we’ve had the privilege to share with our customers the recognition of 50+ awards from prestigious shows such as the One Show, National, Regional, Best Of Show Addy Awards, HSMAI, and various others. However, results for our customers are what matter most. The satisfaction of skillfully merging the art and science of branding and digital marketing for our customer’s success. Below is a timeline of where we started and where we’re going.

Unincorporated Pumped

Breaking from large agencies, Carlos sees a need and has a passion to help start-ups and small businesses succeed. With nothing more than a laptop and a desk, he sets up shop from his home office.


Humble Beginnings

Still trying to grow our client base, we work from coffee shops, a home office or anywhere we can mooch off an Internet connection.


New Office

It's about time to get a place of our own and settle on up and coming downtown Miami as our home. We get an office in a recently renovated little historic building and get to work.


Growing Up

We finally make it official and incorporate. Also, hard work, perseverance and commitment pay-off and upgrade to a new office. Creativity is flowing, clients are happy and we're in a groove. This is also the time we trademark Pumped®


Pumped For Change

After years of doing pro-bono work for different charities, we decide that's not enough and launch our own 501(c)3 non-profit. www.pumpedforchange.org


Building Brands

Fine tuning our method and approach, we go into growth mode. We're passionate about our client's success and as a result, also pick up a significant amount of prestigious industry awards and recognition. Very exciting times.


10 Year Anniversary

The decade came up so fast. We celebrate our 10 year anniversary and reflect on the great people, companies and entrepreneurs we've worked with and helped along the way.


Time to Move

After 12 years in downtown Miami, we figure it's time for a change and move to Coral Gables, Fl.. This, the original city where founder Carlos started his advertising career more than 20 years earlier.


100+ Brands Later

We proudly celebrate helping to build and grow 100+ great brands and companies. We consider this the beginning. Age does not define us, we still have the same hunger and drive we did as a start-up more than 17 years ago.

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