Brand Development and Branding Services

Brand Development and Branding Services

Brand Development and Branding Services

Building and Growing Brands

We understand the importance of branding and its impact not only for immediate success but also for your company’s future growth. Over the years we have successfully helped launch and re-brand a multitude of brands (100 and counting) across a wide spectrum of industries. These include: restaurants, luxury automotive, luxury mobile, luxury jewelry, retail, e-commerce, industrial products, aerospace, hotels chains, B2B, financial institutions, investment & banking, healthcare and commercial services to name a few.

The secret to our successful branding history, our proven 5 | Thirty Five™ process. As detailed in our process page, every brand development project we undertake will be produced in 5 phases and with 35 work days. In order to accomplish this, we work closely with our customers and outline weekly deliverables and expectations. In addition, we work on a flat rate “no surprises” pricing.

Our 5 | Thirty Five | Branding Process

  • Process: We conduct what we term our Brand Storming session in order to familiarize ourselves with your product and dive into the details. We will also audit and review all of your company information and contribute our experience to create the Brand Plan
  • Brand Plan: We’ll take all of our findings from our Brand Storming session and compile this to create a succinct new brand positioning and brand plan of action.
  • Design: Our goal for every brand is to create and position it for short-term gains and long-term growth in its market. We accomplish this by developing a brand identity and branding materials that become immediately recognizable and effective for your brand’s success.
  • Package: In 35 days or less we will compile all of the work and the brand plan we produced for your branding into a concise guidebook for reference, execution and company wide training.
  • Propel: Depending on the package you selected, during this stage we will take the brand plan and all the assets produced and launch your new brand. This is also the step where we enter what we term “Phase 2”

Our Brand Development and Branding Services

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