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In the recent past, Digital Marketing simply involved SEO (Search Engine Optimization) along with Online advertising and possibly email marketing. The belief was that simply having a top-ranking site would generate leads and sales and sending enough emails would eventually convert. This approach was dispelled and quickly evolved with the rising popularity of social media and an array of various in-bound marketing approaches. Today, more people are getting connected in a multitude of digital platforms and a strategic and comprehensive in-bound marketing strategy has become a necessity for many organizations.

Today it is a must to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This multi-media approach is always focused on the long-term goal of generate sales. Over the years we have tested and developed a dynamic process to capitalize on those opportunities. Our 90 | Five ™ process is a 5 Step in 90 days Digital Marketing Strategy Cycle that is built to put the consumer in control, increase engagement, tracks results, drive brand loyalty, reduce the selling cycle, reduce the cost of sales and provide targeted & measurable results. Below is an explanation of our process.

Our 90 | Five | Digital Marketing Process

  • Research: We conduct our Brand Storming session in order to familiarize ourselves with your product and/or services. We then initiate a multi-media research initiative involving social listening, analytics, user journey analysis, keyword data, market trends and competitive information. We then create your Digital Marketing Plan setting your strategy, goals, brand objectives, and content outline.
  • Digital Marketing Plan / Strategy: After we have done our research and identified our goals and objectives it’s now time to develop the Digital Marketing Strategy. We will begin to outline a roadmap of all the content and elements that must be developed according to your specific target market(s) and goals. At this stage we will build a comprehensive and detailed strategy outlining motivators, media vehicles these potential buyers use and a plan of action to engage these customers.
  • Design & Production: This the stage at which we are designing and producing content that will be relevant and engaging your future customer. The content developed will be aimed at the agreed buyer persona addressed in Stage 2 and aimed at converting to the specified call to action and goals established. The objective of all content created at this stage is to convert with the goal of “closing deals”.
  • Launch and Connect: Launching and connecting to prospective buyers requires consistency and must be deliberate. This means that all CTA’s (calls-to-action) and content be relevant and enticing to the buyer. This requires the execution of the specific strategy developed in Stage 2 around the buyer persona and objectives. All content produced will include keywords consistent with an offer & landing pages, be relevant, action-oriented, use strong and appropriate on-page placement and we must test changes and analyze results. This may also include a paid media support to further accelerate conversions.
  • Deliver and Convert: Not really a final stage but rather the beginning of a new one, this is the stage at which your customer experiences your product and/or service and where digital branding can have exponential effect on future sales. At this stage we’re monitoring and managing the post sale transaction. This is also the phase at which we discuss leveraging the momentum. As part of this phase, we also monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and assets developed.

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