SEO Writing for the new Pay-to-Play Google Era

Digital MarketingSEO Writing for the new Pay-to-Play Google Era

SEO Writing for the new Pay-to-Play Google Era

So what’s the best approach?

Search engine’s algorithms continue to evolve. Search engines have evolved to the current point of focusing on solving a searcher’s dilemma or goal. What this means is that the content that displayed to them on a search is relevant to what they want to accomplish. Considering this, the writing and content that  that does the best job of solving the searcher’s dilemma tends to be the most highly rewarded. Simply trying to include and keywords and terms for search sake won’t rank well in the long run and any quick benefits may soon be lost. The more relevant, the more rewarded in positioning and search results.

Step 1: Create strong headlines and titles with keywords in contextual relevance.

This requires that you create a list of keywords that are relevant to your potential customer as to where they are on their buyer’s journey. Considering this, it may require you craft different content for different stages.

Step 2. Think like your audience.

What problem are they looking to solve? What are going to be the key terms they will be searching for and what will be the best answers to their questions. Where can they find the product or service, how much is it, etc?

Step 3.Design it. Lay it out.

Here you’re basically taking the elements you’ve crafted above and then outing it together in a cohesive and functional design. This is very much how you would expect to read an online article.  You’ll have the headline, the body copy / text and then a supporting visual. Depending on where the customer is on the buyers’ journey, you may have a call to action as well.

Step 4. Review and Improve

Go back to step 1 and include keywords where relevant in the body copy. Re-write some content if necessary so that all of the text flows. Remember to keep it conversational but relevant to your brand.

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